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  • What is Instant Rice?

    What is Instant Rice?

    In today’s post we are going to be looking at instant rice, mainly what is it? and how is it used? What is the Difference Between Instant Rice and Regular Rice? Instant Rice (however also commonly referred to as ‘Pre-cooked Rice’ is rice which has already been cooked before being packaged and bought by consumers.……


  • From Farm to Plate: How our Rice is Produced

    From Farm to Plate: How our Rice is Produced

    Riviana Foods has over 100 years of experience making it America’s leading rice company. They produce an assorted variety of rice products for distribution that are shipped domestically and internationally. Riviana Foods prides itself in its close relationships, security of supply and its state of the art facilities. Because of this outstanding combination, Riviana Foods……


  • The Advantages of Using IQF Products

    The Advantages of Using IQF Products

    In recent years frozen foods have seen a boom in popularity. There are many reasons why people are turning more to frozen foods, from added convenience in their hectic schedules to desiring less food waste.  For a long time frozen food has been associated with poor quality ingredients, flavor and nutritional value, however this all……


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At Riviana Foods, we are proud of our unwavering commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we work. So, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community.