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Explore different grain options offered by Riviana Foods, including specialty blends.

The acquisition of the InHarvest business is an excellent fit and consistent with our strategic plan to expand our position in the specialty value-added rice, quinoa and grains markets.”

Enrique Zaragoza, President & CEO. Read more about this.

Exceptional ingredients

Constantly developing, evolving and improving its products and facilities, Riviana Foods Inc, America’s leading rice company, is now expanding its position.

In 2022 the company acquired the assets of InHarvest, Inc. which specializes in the production, marketing and sale of premium specialty rice, quinoa and grains. 

Distinguished by its versatility and nutrient-dense composition, rice and grains are an essential staple in dishes throughout the world. To know more about our grains visit Riviana Industrial Sales website.

Organic grains

Explore all of our organically produced grain options to meet all of your application needs, including quinoa, farro and more.

Precooked grains

From parboiled grains to ready to eat options, choose which partially cooked grain is best for your desired application.


Versatile, soft in texture and explore each protein-packed quinoa option available from Riviana Foods.


Our couscous varieties include traditional Moroccan couscous as well as pearled couscous and Isreali-style couscous for any application.

All the grains featured in the 2018

For a more in-depth description of all of the products offered, visit our Riviana Industrial Sales website. Our knowledgeable team will help you to select the perfect grain for each application.

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