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Frequently Asked Questions

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Riviana Corporate Questions

How can I ask for assistance?

Get in touch with us through our contact page. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process and help you discover the solution that your business needs.

What Private Label packaging do you offer?

Including an extended range of sizes and different types of materials, our package flexibility includes them all. Adapted to your needs, when you make a request, our specialized team will work with you to find the perfect solution.

What is IQF?

IQF (Individual quick frozen) Technology is continually growing in popularity as it allows the food industry to meet current consumer demands. We offer all kinds of IQF food items to meet consumer demands.

Where are your Industrial manufacturing centers located?

Riviana has a strategic network of manufacturing centers located in the USA and Canada. Our presence throughout the country ensures quality production. See all of our specific locations on our locations and facilities page.

Where does your rice come from?

From the field to your brand, Riviana is committed to producing the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available. We work closely with farmers in the US and as part of the EBRO Group, we have access to a worldwide network of raw material sourcing to meet all your needs.

Where are products exported to?

We offer products throughout the world and export to North America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

General Questions

Is all rice enriched?

Upon request. White rice can be enriched by coating the grain with the vitamins and nutrients which are lost after the grain is milled and the husk, bran, and germ removed.

What is the difference between Instant rice and Traditional rice?

Both are 100% natural rice. The main difference is in the cooking time. Instant Rice is precooked for cooking or rehydration times from 3 to 10 minutes. While traditional, or long cook rice, should be boiled for longer periods of time, depending on the grain type.

Is Instant rice natural rice?  

Yes. Our Instant Rice is 100% natural rice that has been precooked and dried without any added preservatives. This process cuts down on cooking time while giving a uniform cooking quality to the rice. Instant Rice also has an improved shelf life.

What is wild rice?

Technically not considered a rice variety, wild rice is a seed of a plume-topped aquatic grass and the only grain native to North America. It is primarily found in Minnesota, California and Canada. With an enticing smoky, nutty flavor profile and a characteristic chewy texture, wild rice has long been a favorite of gourmet home chefs and foodies. This seed is often found combined with other types of rice or grains.  

What is the difference between white rice and brown rice?

Brown rice and white rice come from the same plant; the difference is in the milling process. While brown rice contains all three parts of the grain (bran, layer and endosperm), white rice is milled until the bran and germ are removed. 
Once harvested, rice grains are sent to the mill where excess moisture is removed using a massive dryer and then cleaned, to separate whole grains from straw and broken grains. Next, the rough rice hulls are shelled to reveal the rice grain and expel the hulls, yielding wholegrain brown rice. If white rice is desired, brown rice is milled by removing the bran, yielding polished white rice.

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