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IQF: Individual Quick Frozen

As consumers are looking for more premium products with safer production standards, that reduce food waste, IQF technology is continually growing in popularity as it allows the food industry to meet current consumer demands.

North America

Ebrofrost North America is a subsidiary of Riviana Foods Inc. Drawing on a rich history of innovation, Ebrofrost North America have spent years perfecting the science of cooking and freezing conventional and organic goods in a single continuous process. The result is its high-quality and delicious IQF rice, grain, and gluten free pasta products.

Based in Memphis TN, since 2017, Ebrofrost North America provides the best choice for IQF ingredients.  Its highly automated and high-care facility uses superior high-capacity cooking and freezing technology to deliver products with better bite and texture. Learn more about us.

Dedicated cold store facility

A dedicated cold store facility holds safety stock of any product in the portfolio, allowing the security of supplies, flexible ordering options and keeping lead times low.

Part of EBRO Foods Group

Global supply chain and controlled sourcing arrangements which provide consistent, dependable products.

Reduces food waste

AFFI, The American Frozen Food Institute,
published in a recent report that frozen food generates less waste than nonfrozen food. Click here to learn more.

Food safety programs

Ebrofrost North America’s internationally-recognized quality and food safety programs give its customers peace of mind.

Rivland Shiny Rice

White paper

Market research shows that the consumption of frozen foods is leaning towards meeting high quality standards. IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) Technology is especially relevant and is growing in popularity as it allows the food industry to meet demands based on current lifestyle changes.

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IQF products

Ebrofrost North America supplies and processes cutting-edge IQF rice, grains, and gluten free pasta. Its dedicated cold storage warehouse and fully automated storage and retrieval system provide even greater quality control. Maintaining our stock in-house not only improves control of our products but also enables us to provide less than a truckload shipping and mixed-load capabilities.

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