America’s leading rice company

From Farm to Plate: How our Rice is Produced

Riviana Foods has over 100 years of experience making it America’s leading rice company. They produce an assorted variety of rice products for distribution that are shipped domestically and internationally.

Riviana Foods prides itself in its close relationships, security of supply and its state of the art facilities. Because of this outstanding combination, Riviana Foods is able to produce the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available on the market. They remain unmatched in the industry throughout the entire rice production process from farm to plate.

Here is a quick overview into how the rice development begins and its production process from start to finish. 

The captivating process begins with the treasured rice plant. Highly skilled farmers tend to the plants until the crop is ready for harvest. Once harvested, the rice is then sent to the mill for a thorough inspection.

First, excess moisture is removed from the rough rice using a substantial sized dryer and then cleaned, which separates whole grains from straw and broken grains.  

Next, the rough rice holes are shelled to reveal the rice grains and expel the holes, displaying whole grain brown rice. From here, brown rice can continue on to grading and sorting. If white rice is the desired outcome,  the brown rice is milled by removing the rice bran from the grain.

Once this process is finalized, the outcome unveils polished white rice. The whole grains are then graded to extract any further broken pieces. The process continues as the rice is sorted to remove discolored grains, seeds, and  any foreign materials that may be present. 

Interestingly enough, every single part of the rice plant is valuable and used. Throughout the entire process, bi-products are removed and used for a variety of purposes from animal feed to electricity.

White rice can also be enriched by coating the grain with nutrients which were lost when the rice was milled from brown to white.  After the entire milling process is complete, various rice products are packed for distribution and shipped directly to your table. From farm to plate, Riviana industrial sales is your trusted partner in rice ingredients.