America’s leading rice company

America’s Leading Rice Company

Proudly Part of Ebro Foods

Riviana Foods is America’s leading rice company and the most extensive marketer of wild rice in the world. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods -the world leader in the rice sector- we have a truly comprehensive view of the rice business. Ebro Foods operates in the rice sector across the globe through its extensive network of subsidiaries and brands in more than eighty countries spanning Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.


Learn about all of our business sectors and how we can help you, from Riviana Industrial Sales to Private Label, IQF and more.

Locations & facilities

Find everything you need to know about all of our locations and state-of-the-art facilities that set us apart from the rest.

Codes & Policies

Review our essential codes and policies for best practices. Learn all about how Riviana Rice operates and more information.


Browse our extensive history and how we achieved our success today as America’s Leading Rice Company, as part of Ebro Foods.

IQF – Individual Quick Frozen

Riviana IQF Technology is growing in popularity as it allows the food industry to meet current consumer demands.

Wild Rice

Riviana Foods is the world’s largest marketer of wild rice, offering just the right grain variety for your desired application.

Discover Our Rice Brands

Our brands offer a wide array of solutions to all household needs when it comes to rice meals.  From exploring culinary flavors and recipes around the world with different types of rice, to providing fast meal solutions and cooking shortcuts for quality meals that you can take the time to enjoy for yourself and the family.  Riviana Foods rice brands can truly elevate your meal experience.


Rivland Rice Field


Learn all about rice and stay up to date with new information.

Rivland Nutrition Bars

Nutrition & Health

Trust our rice products to offer quality at meal time for you and your family.

Giving Back to the Community

Discover how Riviana Foods is giving back to the community in new and useful ways!

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