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Export Products

Sharing mealtime favorites worldwide, Riviana Foods offers rice and grains for export and holds leading positions in markets outside of the USA.


Our branded products are popular with consumers throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America.

Abu Bint Rice

Since 1965, Abu Bint Rice has stood out for decades not only because of the outstanding quality of its products, but for the innovation and incorporation of new varieties.

Mahatma® Rice

Trusted by American families for over 100 years, providing consistent quality and flavor in every bag of Mahatma® Rice, has made them America’s Favorite Rice.

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Ingredients beyond borders

In addition to our branded products, we also offer a wide range of rice and grains for industrial use.

Riviana Foods is the world’s largest marketer of wild rice and also offers an extensive portfolio of other rice and grains in both conventional and organic. Riviana Foods is your source for aromatics such as jasmine and basmati, regional favorites such as quinoa, arborio, or black rice, and chef-inspired blends. In addition to  raw rice, Riviana Foods offers parboiled, instant, IQF, or scarified ingredients to ensure a perfect fit in your application.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods, Riviana Foods possess a truly comprehensive view of the rice business. Riviana Foods’ global sourcing model ensures consistent supply despite short-term regional shortages that would otherwise hinder steady production.

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