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Wild Rice Flour: Flavorful, 100% Whole Grain & Gluten Free

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Sandwiches Made with Wild Rice Flour

About the White Paper

Whole grain consumption is rising amongst all age groups across the USA. This may be because consumers are now more wary of consuming ingredients with allergens in them, though another potential factor is the amount of health benefits associated with eating whole grains. Many plant based, vegetarian and vegan diets are now stressing the importnace of including whole grain foods in your diet.

Although wild rice is technically a water grown grass seed rather than a rice variety, it is considered an anchient grain and a whole grain crop. Compared to other whole grains, Wild Rice has a lot of nutritional value meaning that wild rice flour contains more vitamins and minerals than traditional flour.

There are also many practical applications for wild rice flour, including making gluten recipes, soups and sauces, ready to eat meals, kids meals and even pet treats.

After reading up on wild rice flour, In this guide you can also learn a bit more about our partnership with Riceland Foods. The Rivland Partnership provides a wide range of high quality natural, non-GMO and hypoallergenic rice flours for our customers.