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Riviana Foods Increases Wild Rice Storage Capacity at Clearbook Minnesota Plant

Houston, Texas (September 16, 2021) – Riviana Foods Inc. announced today it had completed the construction of two new silos at its wild rice facility in Clearbrook, Minnesota. The expansion has increased the facility’s storage capacity by over 50 percent and eliminated the need for outside storage.

The new installations and site expansion provide Riviana more control over its wild rice storage, drying and production and provide access to an additional 90,000 bushels of storage space. In addition, the facility’s onsite silos ensure the quality of the materials that are stored.

“As the leading wild rice producer, we are excited to increase our capabilities and improve our service to growers in the heart of the largest wild rice growing region,” said Enrique Zaragoza, President & CEO of Riviana. “The expansion also supports our farm-to-fork service for our customers and consumers.”

“The improvement at our Clearbrook facility shows Riviana’s continued support of our wild rice business and its growth,” said Julie Wraa, General Manager. “In addition, it reinforces our continued commitment to our employees, growers and community.”